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After many questions from clients we decided to write several answers about the cleaning products we use.
We found these cleaning products are easy to use and gentle on household goods.
Remember, there is no such thing as a product that can clean everything.
For example: Windex is perfect for windows and glass.
However, if you are going to clean shower doors and they are covered with soap scum, Windex will not work.
You will need to use a product just for removing soap spots then Windex.
The cleaning products we use are well known and you can easily find them in any shopping center.


409 is great as a multi purpose cleaner. Perfect for almost all kitchen appliances include stoves, microwave inside & outside also on countertops. 409 works well in bathrooms, works well cleaning the sink, bathtubs, showers and toilets. It’s not recommended to use on wood surface or mirrors.

Bleach is one of the strongest cleaning products around .It dissolves stains very quickly. It removes mold in showers, sinks, toilet and grout between tiles. You will have to use a scrubbing sponge to help with removing stains.

WARNING! Always use gloves when using Bleach. Be careful when spraying as it can get on your clothing. Do not keep bottle with product on wood floor, carpet, or any fragile surfaces. The best way to avoid any damage is to keep it in cleaning kit.


Lime-A-Way is the best product for removing hard water stains from glass, plastic and porcelain In general, we use this product on faucets, shower glass doors, sinks and toilet. It is recommended to use a sponge after you spray. Then rinse with water for best results.

WARNING! Always use gloves when using this product. Do not keep bottle with product on fragile surfaces keep it in cleaning kit. For chrome faucets use only no scrubbing sponge. Regular scrubbing sponge will scratch the surface.

Pledge is an old family household. In our opinion it is still the best surface furniture cleaning product around. Pledge is excellent on wood and marble surfaces. On marble surface, Pledge gives very smooth, clean shine look along with a silky feel. For best results our recommendation is to use a macro fiber cleaning cloth.


Scrubbing Bubbles is the best product for removing soap residue from any possibly surface, like bathtubs, sink, faucets, and tiles in your shower or glass in your shower doors. According to the manufacture, it removes 99.9% of bacteria. Easy to use, just spray on surface, wait few minutes and wipe it down. On shower doors, bathtubs and tiles you’ll have to use a scratch pad to make sure that all the soap will be removed.

Important! Do not use a scratch pad on your shiny faucets. You scratch them. Just use a sponge without a scratch surface.

Easy Off is a strong product which cleans tough baked-on grease. All you have to do is spray the area you want to clean and wait several minutes then rinse or wipe it down.

WARNING ! Always use gloves and try avoiding inhaling the fumes.


Windex is well known in every house hold for windows or glass cleaning. This is product that can be use in every day cleaning. It’s gentle and has different scents for your preference. You don’t have to use gloves to use it and you don’t have to worry about damaging marble or wood flooring.

In general we prefer not to use feather dusters because most of them puts dust back into the air. We like to use Swiffer because majority of the time it absorbs dust into its fibers. Make sure to replace the duster refills when doing heavy dusting.


Generally we use three types of cleaning clothes


Microfiber cleaning cloth only for dusting and waxing with Pledge.

Blue surgical “Hoak” towel for windows, mirrors and chrome faucets.


The most popular white cleaning clothes for everything else.